On the road again…

This is my first blog post, not ever, but under this name. I attempted to keep a blog the first time I sustained longish-term sobriety (last year from March-November), but in a fury I deleted all of the posts when I started drinking again. Since November I have had a few short-lived attempts (“surely I can teach myself moderation by abstaining every other month”), each time with the same gut-wrenching results: [including but not limited to] 48 hour long benders followed by crippling anxiety, flaking out on friends, and calling in sick to work. After a particularly exhausting drinking marathon, on July 1st, 2017, I decided to give up booze for good. On this blog I will write about my past experiences with drinking some, but also want to include stories about how absolutely improved my life is sober, as well as provide information and proper education on addiction and alcohol abuse. I’m also a personal trainer and health advocate following a plant-based lifestyle so those topics, among others, will surely creep in here from time to time.

I figure there’s no better time than now, I feel like writing about my experiences so I should. I hope that this can help me process my feelings while potentially helping others feel less alone in their sobriety.

This time feels different, I suppose we’ll see…there’s no telling what I will find down this road but the unknown sure feels liberating.





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