“Are you drunk?!”

I'm 80 days sober today. Hooray, of course, but it also doesn't feel like much since I have been here before. When I pass the 200 mark, I'll be soaring with pride. New territory is always more fun. Alas, I should still celebrate my victories, however familiar...so cheers to 80 days sober! I work at... Continue Reading →

5 ways sobriety has changed my life

Each time I have made a whole-hearted attempt at sobriety my best friend always says the same thing: "Absolutely NOTHING bad can come from being sober. Anyone would benefit from giving up alcohol, not just addicts, and I assure you countless improvements in your life will happen naturally." She drinks, in moderation, and abstains from... Continue Reading →

Money’s not the monster

I'm not gonna lie, I've never been very good with money. The only times in my life I've felt in control (in retrospect) have been when I've taken breaks from drinking (strange, huh?). The first time in my life that I can remember having a strong hold on my finances was my sophomore year of... Continue Reading →

solar eclipse crisis averted

This morning I woke up remembering that I hadn't bought any special viewing glasses for 2017's biggest natural event: The Total Solar Eclipse. Being from Oregon, all of my friends and family have been freaking out about it for months, most taking the day off of work to not miss the entire experience, many of... Continue Reading →

On the road again…

This is my first blog post, not ever, but under this name. I attempted to keep a blog the first time I sustained longish-term sobriety (last year from March-November), but in a fury I deleted all of the posts when I started drinking again. Since November I have had a few short-lived attempts ("surely I... Continue Reading →

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