In March of 2016, I started on my sober journey. I am navigating recovery after 15ish years of pretty steady & heavy alcohol abuse. It’s really no exaggeration that sobriety changes your life.

My middle name is Peacock, often referred to as the “eyes of the stars”, peacocks are said to represent renewal, resurrection, awakening, guidance, and protection. I believe sobriety should be about self-empowerment, awakening to a new-found present of mind, and finding one’s true purpose. I want to help people be able to let go of the shame and self-doubt that often accompanies addiction & recovery.

I’m a fitness & nutrition coach, I love to travel, and I drink herbal tea like there’s no tomorrow. Distance running is my preferred method of self-inflicted-torture and sometimes I draw & paint and sell what I create. Don’t hesitate to connect, whether you have questions, are just curious about sobriety, or need support. I’m here to meet people and share our stories.

Love + Light

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